World Pharmacists Day
World Pharmacists Day
September 25, 2016 - Canadian Pharmacists unite behind a common cause. PLEASE DONATE!

Pharmacists Without Borders

Access to essential medicines, education and training in pharmaceutical care in developing countries is critical to improving the health of the population.

According to WHO, the irrational or not rational drug use is a major global problem
. It is estimated that more than half of all medicines are prescribed, distributed or sold inappropriately. At the same time, about one third of the world population lacks access to essential drugs.

PSF Canada is a volunteer organization of Canadian pharmacists
that provides pharmaceutical and technical assistance in the implementation or improvement of community and hospital pharmacies internationally.

PSF Canada helps train local professionals in the proper use of medicines and optimize the supply of drugs.


Ongoing Missions

The missions are designed to promote the work of pharmacists in the humanitarian sector and promote international cooperation amongst pharmacy students.

Past missions

In the past and as needed, PSF Canada participated in a dozen missions.


25Aug 2016

Lisa Brander Vice-President

25Aug 2016

During the Annual golf tournament on June 20th 2016, the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Owners (AQPP) handed over its annual donation of $ 2 500.

24Aug 2016

Violaine Masson Secretary