• 2018
  • Benin

Kétou's medical center

PWB Canada started a new mission in November 2018 at the Centre de Santé de Kétou, in Benin. The Town of Kétou has 181 653 inhabitants and 15 hospitals that provide health care in all different disciplines of medicine. The Centre de Santé de Kétou is the largest and most prominent of those hospitals. Other, more peripheral health centres, have nurses, midwives and caregivers but no doctors. Cases that require a doctor’s attention are thus sent to the Centre de Santé de Kétou in order to be handled by qualified personnel.


Mission objectives :

  • Assess overall physical layout and setup of the pharmacy, identify weak spots and help with the organization of drugs as per WHO standards to improve security and care provided
  • Train the personnel on hand and offer recommendations and suggestions pertaining to stock management, including and more particularly how to preserve medications, ordering of medications, handling back orders, dealing with expired medications
  • Assess and, if need be, improve drug dispensing at the centre for in-patients and out-patients alike
  • Follow up on the protocols implemented by the previous team (be it for stock management, drug dispensing, pharmacy layout…) and make sure that personnel are well trained to carry out their duties
  • Identify follow up objectives for the next team visiting the centre



Missions usually last around four weeks.

Our volunteers: Mary Ghattas, Mission Leader


November-December 2018 mission:

Marie Andrée Pilon, pharmacist

Anne-Sophie Pépin, student

Rachel Major, student