Bonnyville Centralized High School students support PSF!

A touching encounter....

I was invited to the Bonnyville Centralized High School in Bonnyville, AB to accept a check for PSF-Cda. Bonnyville is a town north-east of Edmonton,AB. The English teacher, Lorelei Gertz-Cummins, had studied the novel, Chanda's Secret, with her class. It was about a girl, Chanda, who lived in Africa and lost a sister to AIDS. It was about the stigma and shame of AIDS to her family and community. The class decided that they would have a BBQ to raise money. My daughter, Janice Zazulak, teaches at this high school and has always told other teachers about my work overseas with PSF-Cda in Uganda and other work with Cda Red Cross. As well, a few years ago I went there and gave presentations to the high school Social Studies classes about my work. The class decided to give a donation to PSF-Cda.

The pictures that I have attached are the class with Lorelei presenting me with the check of $330.00 to PSF-Cda and a picture with me discussing to the class the experience that I had at St. Mary's Hospital, Lacor, Uganda with the AIDS clinic. I told them that I saw a difference from when I had gone there in 2010 and then 2015. I saw how more people accepted help without being ashamed of having AIDS. I gave them statistics on the decrease of AIDS/HIV over the years in Uganda and even the statistics of AIDS in Canada.

Lisa Brander, VP Western Provinces PSF Canada