A group of students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Université Laval supports PSF Canada

In September 2010, after the earthquake in Haiti of January 2010, students from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval founded Pharmaide, a group whose mission is to support charities linked to the world of pharmacy.

Thus since autumn 2010, Pharmaide raises funds to allow pharmacists of PSF Canada to provide direct assistance to the Haitian people , which is still dealing with the devastating consequences of the earthquake of 2010, and more precisely the people of Leogane , the epicenter of the place of earthquake.

During their annual event held last February 2015 and for the fifth consecutive year, Pharmaide managed to raise the sum of over $ 10 000 from their community.  Pharmaide donated this amount to the organization Pharmacists Without Borders (PSF Canada) to support their humanitarian project in Haiti, focused on helping people in need to organize the management and distribution of essential drugs.

Over 300 people attended the Pharmaide fashion show of students from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval.