• 2017
  • Haiti

Bernard Mevs Hospital, Port-au-Prince


Review the role of the pharmacist as a resource person on the proper use of medicines

Review the good pharmaceutical practice i.e. the right patient, the right medication, the right dose, the right route and the right time to be at the center of decisions making.

Review the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical care recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Optimize patient outcomes through the judicious use, safe, efficient, appropriate and effective medicines.

Our volunteers

November/December 2016
Suzanne Levesque, Pharmacist
Lisa Brander, Pharmacist
Lyne Martel, Pharmacist
Marie-Michèle Lagadec, Student University of Montreal
Léa Sara, Student University of Montreal

February 2017
Frédérique Bouthot, Pharmacist
Shaina Assuntaya Leblanc, Student University of Montréal
Julie Lamontagne Lapierre, Student University of Montréal
Jacob Lavoie, Student University of Montreal

April 2017
Pamela Simpson, Pharmacist
Rose-Marie Huynh, Pharmacist
Sophie Lachapelle, Pharmacist
Laurence Messier, Student University of Montreal
Catherine Filion, Student University of Montreal