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PSF Membership Renewal

Thank you for your membership contribution to Pharmacists Without Borders Canada.

Mission in Tanzania

The requirements for participation are as follows:

PSF Canada is recruting pharmacists for its missions in Benin

The St. Camille Association (SCA) in Benin is requesting the expertise of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada (PSF Canada) to improve the management of the pharmacy...

PSF Canada 2016 Annual Fundraiser Campaign

To you, who supports Pharmacists Without Borders

From a Radio Canada broadcast interview: Les Éclaireurs de Radio-Canada (wireless audio from Saturda

Collaborator of a Health News, JEAN- PHILIPPE PILON, pharmacist, speaks of his missions in Mali.

PSF CANADA is looking for volunteer pharmacists for a mission in Uganda.

PSF-CANADA is looking for pharmacists to participate in the next CACHA mission April 2016 in Uganda.

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