New Board of Directors Member - Elizabeth McMahon

Elizabeth McMahon Vice-President Atlantic Provinces

The Board of Directors of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada (PSF Canada) is pleased to announce the election of Elizabeth McMahon to the position of Vice-President – Atlantic Provinces of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada, the only humanitarian organization of Canadian pharmacists.

A graduate of Dalhousie University of Nova Scotia, Ms. McMahon has had a career in many fields of pharmacy. She has worked in both hospital and community pharmacies and was a pharmacist in the Canadian Forces for 27 years. She has worked across Canada in clinic and hospital settings, field hospital tours in Croatia, Dubai, Germany and Afghanistan. She presently is on the roster for the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU). She finalised training for such as of May 2016, and is currently on standby for Haiti. She has been involved with PSF Canada since 2015, deploying to Uganda for a 5-month period.

She is a member of the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists.